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Downtown Davinci

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NFT Auction

About the artist

Downtown Davinci

  Christopher Pugliese is an American Artist. Born and raised in New York City he paints in the manner of his Italian ancestors and considers the process an exploration of his own genetic history. At home he is known as the “Downtown Da Vinci,” while in Mexico and Latin America he is referred to as “Cristobal el Pintor.”  

Downtown Davinci

Is  proud to announce the release of his first NFT  #1

"Origin Story"

"This release is a preview of the collection I have been working

on for six months. A series of animations based on my painting the Mona Lisa on Fire"

"will go on sale as an auction to raise money to create future collections and to help support Ukraine."


Opens 8pm, Wednesday March 30th and closes 8pm, April 2nd on Foundation

There will be a party to celebrate the winner on April 2nd, 

6-9 pm at the

Time Hotel

 224 W 49th Street

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